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Welcome to HauntMonkey, the new home of MonkeyBasic. Same great monkey flavor, amazing new monkey look!  No, we weren't sold or anything like that. I wanted to give this ONE man company a fresh new look and a more representative name…

Introducing the latest HauntMonkey creation, the GateKeeper RF !!!

GateKeeperRF PCB

Unlike the GateKeeper I/O, the GateKeeper RF does away with the Digital Inputs and Outputs and instead concentrates on wireless triggering via a super longe range 12 button wireless remote. 

More GateKeeper RF Information…

…and one more thing! The GateKeeper I/O is getting a friend, the Relay Add-On board. 8 channels of relay goodness!


More GateKeeper Relay Add-On Information…

An excellent example of Helmsman in action. Thanks to AJP Design for putting this video together!!!

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