GateKeeper I/O

GateKeeper I/O

The GateKeeper I/O board is a purpose built control board for our Helmsman software. In the past few years I have been reliant on third party suppliers for control boards. These board have always required compromises to be made and/or re-work modifications. 

GateKeeper I/O has the ability to receive eight (8) separate digital inputs. …

Relay Add-On (8 channel)


Introducing the Relay
 Add-On for the GateKeeper I/O. Connecting directly into the switches/outputs side of the GateKeeper board, this give you 8 Relays that can be used to control scene lighting, power to your props, fog machines, or virtually anything!!!


  • Connects directly to the GateKeeper I/O
    • NOTE: This requires that the GateKeeper I/O be connected to a 5VDC 1A+ EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY!!!

GateKeeper RF

GateKeeperRF PCB

Just like the GateKeeper I/O, the GateKeeper RF board is a purpose built control board for our Helmsman software. 

The GateKeeper RF does away with the Digital Inputs and Outputs and instead concentrates on wireless triggering via a wireless remote. 

Of course not any old remote would do… It comes paired with a super long range* 12 button wireless remote. …

Helmsman PRO & BASIC

Create playlists of your VSA routines and allows external triggers to take your haunt to the next level. 

Helmsman allows you to control and automate your Brookshire Software VSA routines. Helmsman BASIC allows one to create a playlist of VSA routines while Helmsman PRO allows for external triggers to launch specific routines and electrical Relay controls as well. …

Helmsman Remote (iOS & Android)

Helmsman Remote is for users already using Helmsman but don't want to be tied to their computer throughout the performance. Helmsman Remote allows you the freedom to control Helmsman's actions from your iPhone, iPad or Android Device.

Ever run into one of these scenarios when you're not by the computer?

Want to Start or Stop the performance? …


Makes recording VSA or LOR routines even easier. Use a joystick or a TrackIR camera to record your actual head motions. 

TrackSkull has helped many haunters create more realistic animatronic shows by allowing them record real-life motion. Everything that you record in TrackSkull can easily be imported into Brookshire Software's VSA or Light-O-Rama.


VirtualHaunt Screenshot

VirtualHaunt was developed to help haunters visualize their 3-axis skulls in virtualized 3D world. Allowing haunters to program their skeletal buddies all year long without having to pull out all of the Halloween supplies. (Which may or may not annoy many spouses, especially when setting up your Halloween buddies in the living room in July.) 

Servo Converter XLS


Switching to a new "type" of servo controller (for example, Pololu -> SSC32) can be a real pain.  I learned from Brookshire Software how to do this in VSA. It requires a bit of math, so I created an Excel (XLS) spreadsheet to help.

I've included a set of instructions and drop-down boxes so you can select between numerous types of controllers. 

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