GateKeeper RF

GateKeeperRF PCB

Just like the GateKeeper I/O, the GateKeeper RF board is a purpose built control board for our Helmsman software. 

The GateKeeper RF does away with the Digital Inputs and Outputs and instead concentrates on wireless triggering via a wireless remote. 

Of course not any old remote would do… It comes paired with a super long range* 12 button wireless remote. This is 3X times more buttons than the GateKeeper I/O.

This allows the user to trigger twelve independent actions in Helmsman. 

GateKeeperRF Remote

These actions include:

  • Play a specific routine then stop 
  • Play a random routine 
  • Start playing the playlist at a specific point 
  • Interrupt your playlist, play a specific or random routine, then after restart the previous routine in your playlist
  • Pause 
  • Stop
  • and more!!!

*Range is theoretically 1500ft with a clear line of sight.

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