Relay Add-On (8 channel)


Introducing the Relay
 Add-On for the GateKeeper I/O. Connecting directly into the switches/outputs side of the GateKeeper board, this give you 8 Relays that can be used to control scene lighting, power to your props, fog machines, or virtually anything!!!


  • Connects directly to the GateKeeper I/O
    • NOTE: This requires that the GateKeeper I/O be connected to a 5VDC 1A+ EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY!!!
  • 8 independent relay channels

  • Each relay has the following specifications
    • Type: SPDT (Works for Normally Open AND Normally Closed)
    • Load: 10A @ 120VAC, 8A @ 30VDC
    • Life Expectancy: 100,000 cycles

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