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New name, same ol' monkey business

Introducing HauntMonkey, the new home of MonkeyBasic. Same great monkey flavor, amazing new monkey look!  No, we weren't sold or anything like that. I wanted to give this ONE man company a fresh new look and a more representative name...


Ummmmm... sorry.

Seeing that Haunting is a major passion of mine and I freaking love Monkeys... I thought HauntMonkey made sense!!! Plus the new logo is SO MUCH cheaper and easier to embroid on a shirt!

With the new look, comes some new products and updates...

NEW GateKeeper RF board

The popular GateKeeper I/O board is getting a new baby brother, the GateKeeper RF!!! The RF does away with the Digital Inputs and Outputs and instead concentrates on wireless triggering via a super longe range 12 button wireless remote. Of course not any old remote would do… It comes paired with a super long range* 12 button wireless remote. 3X times more buttons than the GateKeeper I/O... Woohoo!
*Range is theoretically 1500ft with a clear line of sight.
PRE-ORDER NOW for $74.95 ($10 off), these will ship the week of Sept 25th.

The Cyber Monkey Escaped Again! (2015)

Oh no… He’s at it again!!! The Cyber Monkey has escaped and slashed prices on everything (software and hardware). I’m doing my best to catch him, but it’ll probably take about a week (wink, wink).

He said something strange to me as well… something about no coupon code required for these discounts and that this cannot be combined with other offers. Strange, I know.

The damage has been done and the resulting prices are listed below:

GateKeeper I/O Drivers are now Digitally Signed!

What does this mean?!? 

Microsoft implemented a new level of security when it comes to software that is installed on Windows. Windows 8 and newer will now complain (or possibly stop you from) installing the drivers for our GateKeeper I/O board. With a digitally signed driver, you no longer need to circumventing Windows security by restarting Windows while doing keyboard Yoga of holding down the right key combination.

Driver has been secured by DigiCert.

Get it below or from the GateKeeper Product page.

GateKeeper Driver

(Refer to User Guide for driver installation instructions)

Introducing GateKeeper I/O and more!!!

MonkeyBasic has materialized from inside your PC and onto your bench top with the GateKeeper I/O board, the latest MonkeyBasic creation.

The GateKeeper I/O board is a purpose built control board for the Helmsman software. In the past few years I have been reliant on third party suppliers for control boards. These board have always required compromises to be made and/or re-work modifications. 

GateKeeper I/O has the ability to receive eight (8) separate digital inputs. These inputs are designed to be more stable, dependable, and have a faster response time than other control boards. Eight (8) outputs are also available for driving LEDs, Relays, Solenoids or many other equipment up to 50V!

(Optional) An add-on board can be plugged into GateKeeper I/O to allow for 4 triggers from a wireless handheld REMOTE!!! 

2012 Product & Pricing Changes

Due to the time and effort that MonkeyBasic has required, I have made the tough decision to increase prices to help support continuing development of Helmsman, TrackSkull, VirtualHaunt, and future products.

The following will take affect as of September 1st, 2012.

TrackSkull and VirtualHaunt will be increased to $59.95 each.

Helmsman will be offered in 2 versions, Basic and Pro:

  • Helmsman Basic for $24.95
    • Simple Playlist functionality
    • Remote Control via Helmsman Remote
      •  except Triggers will only work in the Pro version
  • Helmsman Pro for $59.95
    • All of the great features of Helmsman and some great new features for 2012 (currently in development)
  • Note: Users can upgrade from Basic to Pro for $35.00
  • Note: Current Helmsman users can upgrade to Helmsman Pro with the same KeyCode for FREE. Helmsman Pro will replace the current Helmsman

Helmsman Remote will become FREE!!!

I will begin to offer bundle discounts (excluding Helmsman Basic):

  • Purchase any 2 products for $107.91 (10% off each)
  • Purchase all 3 products for $143.88 (20% off each)

Any questions or concerns, please send me an email.

(Fine print) Pricing, features and dates are subject to change.

We're featured on HauntCast!!!

I'm excited to announce that MonkeyBasic will be featured in the "Black Market" segment of the Hauntcast Show for August. In thanks to Chris and the Hauntcast crew, I'm offering an extra 10% off (total of 30% off) discount to Hauntcast subscribers for the month of August!!!


Midwest Haunters Convention

Interested in VSA and going to the Midwest Haunter Convention? Check out Kristy's presentation on Using VSA and the Pololu Control Center from a Home-Haunters Perspective

Class description:

This class will teach haunters some of the basic information needed to get started using VSA for servo driven props such as the 3 axis skull. This will include using some of the software available to not only program, but run the routines.

In addition, we’ll go over some of the basics of the Pololu Control Center which can program the stand alone Micro Maestro Controller. This is for haunters who have a simple servo driven prop with limited movements.

Kristy Noble has been a home haunters for more than 10 years. In 2006, Kristy moved into animating props using motors and, in 2007, progressed into servo driven props with the 3 axis skullls and singing pumpkins. This course will be covering some of the process for getting started with VSA including set up, Wav Analysis, editing, using Track Skull [TrackSkull] to program the routines and using Helmsman to run the routines. We will also be using the Pololu Control Center for the Micro Maestro Controller for servo driven props which do not have as many movements in a routine allowing the controller to store and run these routines without the use of a computer.

The class is presented by Garage of Evil

Introducing VirtualHaunt

VirtualHaunt was developed to help haunters visualize their 3-axis skulls in virtualized 3D world. Allowing haunters to program their skeleton buddies all year long without having to pull out all of the Halloween supplies. (Which may or may not annoy many spouses, especially when setting up your Halloween buddies in the living room in July.) 

VirtualHaunt works by monitoring the data being sent to a serial port and emulating the servo controller that is typically connected, so most programs will work.

Don’t have a 3-Axis skull? You can use VirtualHaunt in its place… Set up a projector in your haunt or a TV/Monitor in a window. There are lots of possibilities. 

Check out Features & Requirements for more details.

VSA 5.0 Compatibility

If you don't know already, Brookshire Software has just released VSA 5.0, which is now available in 3 tiers.

As far as compatibility, we've found a few small issues. In the next few days we will be releasing an update to Helmsman to address these small issues.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Helmsman has been updated. Enjoy!!!

New section: Resources

We all have a list of our favorite Halloween sites, well these are mine. :)

Click here for MonkeyBasic Resources

Much more to come...


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